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A bit about Mitch...

Me, Fern Canter, Barbara Fox, Robert Lyle at Surfside Community Center


I got my first voice job dubbing a western film from Italian to English at Cinecitta' in Rome, Italy in 1984.  It was a long loop where the camera never left my character so I screamed and moaned and died for about 2 minutes until the damn horse jumped off the cliff with me being dragged behind.  Afterward, I thought, "If this is all there is to it, count me IN!"  


I live in Miami and have been supported by a great group of people behind the Miami Radio Players.  My contribution has been a comic audio short called "Lola's Hair Salon" that you can listen to by clicking this link https://www.miami-radio-players.com/lolas.htm

I did all the sound effects and had anticipated doing a one-man show where I do all the voices, but it's a lot more fun watching other actors bring my characters to life.  That said, I am Li Lee the Vietnamese Manicurist (Pictured at right with Maria Anejo Tequila Lopez (Luchi Estevez).

Vanessa McCaffrey, Jorge Orozco at Miami Sound


As I approach my 35th year of creativity as a voice actor, writer & performer, I have become pretty good at getting the production made.  Sound effects, locating talent, location searches, choreography...no last-minute request seems to get in the way of getting it done.

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